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Hello my name is Liz I am from Los Angeles CA still here and grateful to be so. I love being creative whether it's from singing to photography to painting because it brings a sense of joy and upliftment to my life. As I am making my art it helps me in every moment evolve into a greater knowing of who I really am and my intention is that in return it helps bring that forth in each individual viewer as well. May all your dreams come true!!!! Enjoy!!!!

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HELP ME LIVE MY DREAMS!! I went inside recently and asked myself if I could have one dream that day what would it be? The dream that came forward was to take a trip to Europe this September. In that moment I began to judge myself harshly, I doubted and thought but I need to focus on bigger things like manifesting greater abundance doing the things I love. After I practiced forgiveness, I realized that this smaller dream was a part of manifesting my bigger one.

So what I'm asking for support in is raising the money for this trip to Europe this September. I have a goal of raising $5000.00 for my trip. This includes air fare and sleeping arrangements. The core of this trip is traveling to Rome with a group of people that are service oriented through a community that I am a part of. I wish to meet up with them and then travel around a bit on my own to visit some friends and spiritual family.

This trip to me represents manifesting my dreams and showing myself I can and already am living a fulfilling, fun and enriching life doing what I love as these past years up until now have not been easy for me to believe that until now.

So the way I am raising money for this is by offering all the services that I have been working on and can do and in return I'm putting myself out there in a bigger way and supporting my bigger dream as well. So you see this smaller dream becomes a manifestation of the bigger one.

I've believed for so long life was about struggle and hardship and asking for help and support is taking a lot of courage but I know it also is helping me clear the way to keep going for what I want in life. Now I'm ready to step into my dreams and let go of those limiting beliefs.

The services I am offering are as follows.

Selling my artwork, here is a link to looking at my paintings that I am selling. If you scroll over the art you can see the medium used, name and size of each piece. If you want a print of any of the photography or choice of 3 prints together (they look good that way) just message me and I will send you prices and how to pay. The photography can be 4X4" 8X8" or sizes the can vary on request.

Just go too,

I can also do commissions upon request, photoshoots and abstract portraits.

Another way I can be of service is through Spiritual coaching, I will do this on a donation basis as a service. Over the years I've been developing a spiritual coaching practice. where I help people open up to their hearts in greater ways and help them heal and clear their own spiritual blocks. This involves a variety of techniques using methods of helping each individual to clear and heal themselves so they can step into greater attunement with their gifts and path.

Another way is through my creative writing and poetry. If you would like a personally created creative writing peace either a story a poem I will create one just for you and you can donate what you would like towards it.

If you feel called you can also just donate via these links.




Although my time is limited and I only have about a month to manifest this in time I believe I can do this. Your support love and light are appreciated and I am grateful for all of you as I develop and manifest my dreams so I can be of greater service to the world.

With loving,